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We make life easier for people growing the plants in our world.
We ensure every drop is put to beneficial use, and minimize the ecological footprint.

Products manufactured to guarantee water efficiency and irrigation uniformity.

Irritec’s core business: implementing increasingly efficient solutions for the optimization of water resources and manufacturing processes in the irrigation sector. For over 40 years now Irritec has been…

Sustainability, Values and Corporate Policy

Expanding technological progress for the conservation of our planet and improving the quality of life for all who cultivate our crops. Creativity and innovation direct our product offering, with an unceasing commitment to improve the manufacturing process.


Digital Solution for Agriculture

Agriculture in Africa is made up for 75% of farmers who own lots of up to 2 hectares, the so-called “Micky Mouse Farmers”. This is a problem for irrigation diffusion in countries where knowledge of the most common agronomic techniques is not always available and crops are not profitable. In Africa less than 10% of the cultivated area is irrigated, of which only a very small part with advanced techniques.


Technology for irrigation aims

Authomatic and remote control of irrigation: always more smart solution for agricolture needs. Thanks to innovative digital solution irrigation finds in automation and control support to obtain maximum benefits both formanaging of water resource than agronomic.

Drip Irrigation

Conserve Water