16 January 2023

Multi-Outlet Drippers

Multi-outlet dripper assemblies (MODs) reduce hand watering and labor costs for potted plants. iCircle is ideal for container and potted crops in greenhouse and nursery applications. Its circular shape dispenses water and fertilizers uniformly through the container substrate and applied directly to the plant’s roots. They are easy to install, have a large filtration surface area and are clog resistant. MODs are pre-assembled and available in a variety of configurations.
Multi-Outlet Dripper Assemblies | iCircle Multi-Outlet Dripper
17 November 2021

Risers and Quick Drop Systems

Flexible Heavy Wall Polyethylene (PE) Subsurface Drip Risers, designed for row crop subsurface drip irrigation applications, reduce installation time and labor. Less compaction and kinking reduces uniformity issues. Available in pre-cut standard lengths with installed barb connector. Speed Riser® is a revolutionary breakthrough that’s more durable, easier and quicker to install than flexible PVC risers. Withstands static pressure in surface applications with less friction per foot than 1/2” or 3/4” flexible PVC risers. Works in conjunction with Irritec Bondable Saddles. Quick Drop Systems are a cost effective solution for pivot systems with sprinklers. Easily adaptable to a variety of gooseneck and pivot heads, easy to install with no tools required, and sprinkler height adjustment accomodates crop growing stages.
Subsurface Drip Riser Assemblies | Speed Riser® | Quick Drop Systems for Pivots
13 May 2020

Micro-Tubing and Fittings

Flexible Polyethylene (PE) and PVC Micro-Tubing is made from the highest quality low density resins for strength and durability and manufactured to exacting standards to ensure long life. With exceptional resistance to UV and acids, it can be used in multiple applications. Available in black or white color and a variety of diameters, wall thicknesses and coil lengths. We offer a full line of Micro-Tube fittings for easy and speedy installation.
Micro-Tubing and Fittings
13 May 2020

LayFlat and Oval Hose

An ideal solution for distribution manifolds and transport lines. FlexiFlat™ Polyethylene (PE) LayFlat hose is constructed with 3-ply polyester yarns for strength and durability while providing resistance to twisting, punctures and leaks caused by abrasion and everyday use. Pre-installed threaded start connectors use standard Irritec fittings for quick installation. FlexiFlat™ PVC LayFlat blank hose is also available. PE Oval hose is durable enough for tough environments and a cost effective alternative to rigid PVC distribution and manifold piping.
LayFlat and Oval Hose | FlexiFlat™ Polyethylene LayFlat Hose